Big Brother 20 rumors: Veteran players, say goodbye to Jeff, and a new theme in the BB20 house

Big Brother 20 rumors indicate that four veterans may return
Julie Chen will return as host of Big Brother 20

The Big Brother cast reveal is coming up in just days. On Monday, June 18, CBS will be letting us know via the live feeds who will be competing for $1 million this season and fans are already getting excited to see who will be on the show this season. Of course, the Big Brother rumor mill has already started churning and there has been plenty of speculation about the twists that might already be in store.

Considering that this is Season 20 of Big Brother, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the network is planning to change a few things up in order to add excitement to the show and to celebrate such a long run on CBS, but what will those surprises be?

In May, Big Brother producer Allison Grodner assured fans that there wouldn’t be any returning veterans cast to compete on BB20. This came as a relief to many, who didn’t want to see another BB19 repeat where they brought back Paul Abrahamian so that he could come in second place twice in a row.

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In addition to revealing that there wouldn’t be any surprise veterans this season, Grodner also made it clear that, despite being the 20th season of the show, it would not be an all-stars season either.

Now, with just five days until the big reveal, Big Brother 20 rumors indicate that there might be a plot twist. Rather than going ahead with no veterans as previously shared, many believe that the latest season of the CBS hit might actually include four veteran cast members.

The rumor has begun to buzz so loud that even Season 15 winner Andy Herron has weighed in. Can we make it any more clear that the majority of Big Brother fans do not want to see familiar faces pop up to compete again?

In addition to this Big Brother 20 rumor is another that indicates Jeff Schroeder won’t be back to do cast interviews. It’s not clear why he may not be there or if the reports are true at all. However, once fans started hearing that Jeff may not be around, there have been many suggestions that Ross Mathews, who came in second place on the first ever Celebrity Big Brother US, do the interviews instead.

Considering that Ross has been on the celebrity version of the show and is a Big Brother superfan, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Would you want to watch Ross interview the Big Brother 20 cast in place of Jeff?

One last little Big Brother 20 rumor that seems to be gaining some traction has to do with the decor and theme for the BB20 house. After a few photos were revealed showing neon signs with food on them like a hamburger, pizza, a banana, and a popsicle shared by Julie Chen, many think that the decor will be diner themed. That could make for a rough couple of days for the have-nots. Then again, are they even having have-nots this year?

Big Brother 20 premieres on Wednesday, June 27 with a 2-hour special at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. 

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