Big Brother 20 premiere recap: What happened when the houseguests moved in?

Julie Chen, the host of Big Brother
Big Brother 20 has officially begun

Big Brother 20 has finally begun! Fans are ready for the next 99 days, and if the premiere is any indication, it looks like it will be worth watching!

The first eight to enter the house were Bayleigh, Tyler, JC, Steve, Winston, Sam, Angela, and Kaitlyn. They seemed to jive well together, and already the game playing has started. Steve did not confirm that he was a retired cop, instead, he chose to say he was a mechanic. Will his Big Brother 20 housemates believe that, though?

Of course, we had to meet the final eight as well. Rachel, Angie, Chris “Swaggy C,” Brett, Kaycee, Scottie, Haleigh, and Faysal. When they entered the house, things started getting chaotic. Scottie is the “never been kissed” guy, and it is super awkward, especially when hugging Haleigh caused a wardrobe malfunction.

Winston and Brett both seemed to catch the eyes of the women, except for Haleigh. She admitted she was interested in Faysal, a sentiment in which he also shared. Could this be the new showmance for the summer?

Kaitlyn is all about her auras. She has been reading everyone. Right now, she loves Scottie but has reservations about Rachel. Apparently, she has a red aura which causes friction. Rachel is from Las Vegas, so maybe she is the Season 20 version of Rachel Reilly?

The BB supercomputer was the first competition. The power that was up for grabs was one that could have changed the entire first week of play. Whoever wins the competition will be able to save themselves and seven others. Half of the house will be safe for week one, with eight being left out and in danger of going home. Two people will receive punishments as well, hindering their game.

In the slime group, Tyler found a folder first, followed by Bayleigh shortly after. Brett and Rachel both followed next and with only three folders remaining, there was some worry among the remaining players. Angela got the escape and play folder, giving her a shot to win the power. JC found the second to last folder, leaving Winston to battle it out with Kaycee for the final one.

When the supercomputer crashed, the second group went on to battle in a spelling contest. They were asked to spell houseguest the fastest while being connected to a rope. Chris “Swaggy C” spelled his word first, allowing him to go up against Angela for the game-changing power. Scottie came in second followed by Steve and Faysal. Kaitlyn prayed to her spirit guide to help her, which apparently worked because she was able to complete the word. The final three girls left were Angie, Haleigh, and Sam. Rockstar pulled ahead and shortly after that, Haleigh left Sam in the dust.

Angela and Chris “Swaggy C” competed against one another to win the power. He tried to work out a deal with her where both would be safe no matter what, but she was set on saving only her people. She ended up losing the competition, so now, Chris has the game-changing power. He will choose 2 groups of four that moved in together.

“Swaggy C” chose to keep his group safe, which included Angie “Rockstar,” Brett, and Rachel. The second group he picked was the other group he walked in the house with. Kaycee, Scottie, Faysal, and Haleigh.

Kaycee lost the competition and ended up back in the house in a rainbow unitard, called the Pinwheel of Doom. The pinwheel will spin, and when it does, she will have stay in the room she is in until it is done spinning. Of course, Angie was feeling the look, but the rest of the cast was as shocked as Kaycee was.

Sam was turned into a robot, completely catching everyone by surprise. She will be in and out as the robot, sometimes appearing as herself and sometimes, as the robot. Both punishments last until the first live eviction with takes place on Thursday, July 5.

Viewers can impact the game with the “BB app store,” by voting at The “trending” houseguest will get a power and the least popular one will get a punishment. This could change everything, especially with the reveal happening only to the chosen player and the losing player.

With everything that happened tonight, it looks like the Head of Household spoiler and the nominations are incredibly plausible. All three came from the eight who were not safe.

Get ready Big Brother fans, the game is just beginning!

Big Brother 20 airs on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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