Big Brother 20 drama: Swaggy C calls out houseguests for ‘bullying’ Bayleigh

Swaggy C in an interview
Swaggy C thinks the Big Brother houseguests are bullying Bayleigh

Big Brother 20 has the drama rolling this season. From backdooring to backstabbing, this year has been among the most interesting season of the CBS hit in a long time.

Swaggy has been upfront about his love for Bayleigh. The two got serious right before he was backdoored ad sent back to the real world. She is on the block now, and will likely be sent packing as the first member in the jury house.

Since being put on the block Monday, Bayleigh has been sulking. In fact, some would even say that she has been extra reckless with her comments about the people she is living with.

Since Swaggy is on the outside and able to watch the live feeds like everyone else, he has been voicing his opinions.

Earlier today on Twitter, Swaggy decided to call out what he thought was bullying that was happening against Bayleigh. He named Tyler, Scottie, JC, and Brett.

Apparently, these guys are doing things to bully his girlfriend because they know she is headed out the door. The tweet has since been deleted after garnering pushback over Bayleigh’s mouth.

Tweet sent by Swaggy C
Swaggy C’s now-deleted tweet

Several viewers shot back at Swaggy C reminding him how Bayleigh has treated some of the other houseguests. Of course, that was widely overlooked as he is in protective mode for his girlfriend.

He mentioned how the others are ruining the jury management and he’s right, one vote could change everything.

There is plenty of anticipation for tomorrow’s live show, especially given the fact that it will likely be Bayleigh headed out that door.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS.