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Beyond the Pole exclusive: Ms. Dime thinks she’s the biggest freak of the bunch

This week on Beyond the Pole, the ladies head to the adult toy store. As they mull over which products are worth buying and which ones are not, it becomes very clear which of these dancers are conservative and which ones are not when it comes to the bedroom.

In this exclusive clip from WEtv, Laina starts things off by making it clear that she doesn’t want everyone watching the show to know what kinds of things she likes to do “behind closed doors.” It’s one thing to put her body on display in the clubs but some things are sacred and to her, this is one of them.

As they discuss preferences for dildos and vibrators, Angel Kake says, “Vibrators are for amateurs.”

Ms. Dime doesn’t agree though, saying, “Vibrators are not for amateurs, that’s not true!”

Then, in the confessional, Angel Kake elaborates on exactly why she feels the way she does. She explains that people have “been using the tub as a vibrator” for a long time and she feels like the ladies should have enough experience to “step up their game” and pick better sex toys than that.

As the women continue to argue over what constitutes a proper sex toy and what should be left behind, Ms. Dime speaks up again.

Ms Dime from Beyond the Pole
Ms. Dime feels like she’s the biggest freak in the group. Pic credit: WEtv

In the confessional, she decides to rank her Beyond the Pole co-stars on their freak factor.

“So Angel is definitely a freak. She tries to act all holy but Angel is a five. Laina… she looks like she’s a freak. She’s a five,” Ms. Dime says. “I’m more like a 10 though.”

Before Ms. Dime has a chance to elaborate on what makes her twice as freaky as Angel and Laina, the sneak peek is over. We’ll just have to tune in and see if she shares more about her own freakiness with viewers.

Beyond the Pole airs Thursday at 10/9c on WEtv. 

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