Beware of the little guys with the red eyes – alien abduction on Paranormal Witness?

Paranormal Witness aliens?
A peaceful night is interrupted when all the toys switch on, aliens? Find out on Paranormal Witness

In this episode of Paranormal Witness – all seems well as a family settle down for the night, their little boy asleep in his room and the house locked up for the evening.

However, in the middle of the night all little boy’s battery operated toys switch on seemingly by their own accord. Downstairs a bright amber light begins to pulse through the glass of the front door and a throbbing hum begins.

The boy wakes up, gets out of bed and is drawn down the stairs to the light and the noise.

Paranormal Witness aliens?
The boy is drawn towards the light outside the door. But is it intruders, police, aliens? Would you open the door?

Something seems about to happen but just then his mother comes down and the boy tells her: “don’t let those guys get me.”

She asks him what guys and he answers: “the little guys with the red eyes.”

Catch Paranormal Witness at 10 PM on Syfy.

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