Being Mary Jane: Justin claps back at Mary Jane for ‘killer stories’

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Justin squares off with Mary Jane over producing killer stories and letting past bygones be bygones

This week’s Being Mary Jane on BET is a ripped-from-the-headlines drama as a sensitive subject is battled over in the newsroom.

Anchor Mary Jane’s new position sours an intense rivalry with Justin Talbot (Michael Ealy) as she pursues the story of a teenage boy beaten for wearing a woman’s skirt.

We take a break from her hilarious sex life antics with Lee and his back door pleasures explored last week — and how keeping it real went sideways as the infamous Mercedes “swallow them babies” video went viral.

This week will see more of Justin’s true nature as he and the men in the show’s production team conspire to drive the show’s agenda. Ronda (Valarie Pettiford) also holds on tight to her her ranking as a senior producer.

Mary Jane is kneecapped by Justin at every turn and it appears Ronda may be aiding and abetting. Mary Jane says to Justin in the clip below: “You are getting a kick out of this aren’t you?”

Justin claps back: “Being a news producer? I’m not the problem here.”

Mary Jane adds: “Don’t be coy, you’ve been blocking me at every turn.”

Justin has the gloves off and says: “You think I wanted to be paired with a web correspondent?”

With Garrett’s blessing, Justin isn’t sure his producing her is a reward or punishment for last week’s viral video of MJ threatening Mercedes.

He says: “I’m not one to dwell on the past. What’s done is done, okay? I’m focused on producing killer stories, you should too.”

Episode 4 of Being Mary Jane airs tonight, February 7, at 10pm ET on BET.

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