BBQ Dreamz on Million Pound Menu Season 2: What happened to the business after the show?

BBQ Dreamz owners Lee Johnson and his girlfriend Sinead Campbell
What happened to BBQ Dreamz after Million Pound Menu Season 2? Pic credit: ABS-CBN News/YouTube

Food lovers were treated to another season of Million Pound Menu this week with more contestants competing for a chance at a major investment opportunity.

The show, which originated on BBC Two, involves investors giving entrepreneurs in the food industry a chance to win an opportunity to expand their restaurant idea or business.

One of these entrepreneurs was a Filipino inspired food truck business called BBQ Dreamz. The concept of BBQ Dreamz was the creation of Lee Johnson (who was born in Manila, Philippines) and his girlfriend Sinead Campbell.

They beat out two other businesses — The Duck Truck and Jah Jyot — to secure an investment of £350,000 for their Filipino restaurant. This feat is impressive for a duo trying to get their business off the ground since 2014.

Fans of the series might be wondering what happened to BBQ Dreamz since their big win on Million Pound Menu.

Here are all the details about BBQ Dreamz, and what they have been doing since the show.

What happened to BBQ Dreamz after Million Pound Menu Season 2?

Fans of BBQ Dreamz will be happy to know the business is doing quite well. Since the episode premiered on BBC Two (before the Netflix release), Evening Standard reports BBQ Dreamz ran a nine-week pop-up restaurant. It took place at MeatLiqour, located at Kings Cross, North England.

BBQ Dreamz later rebranded and gave their flavor a new name called Bong Bong’s Manila Kanteen. They now operate at the Roof Fest London on John Lewis and Partners Oxford Street’s rooftop.

The Evening Standard also reported the rebranded location officially launched on April 19. The business setting seems like a very calculated marketing move. The site offers live entertainment, floral dens that people can book online, alcoholic beverages, and other forms of entertainment.

All of this will only help attract more customers to their Filipino cuisine.

Speaking on Instagram, the newly rebranded company expressed their excitement about their first day at the new location.

“There were a few hiccups, and still loads to work on, but customers were happy, and we had some lovely feedback on the food, so thank you SO much guys, you nailed it!!”

To find out more about BBQ Dreamz new location, Netflix viewers can visit the John Lewis Roof Fest London website.

Million Pound Menu Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. 

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