Bayleigh Dayton: Who is the Big Brother 20 houseguest?

Bayleigh Dayton
Bayleigh Dayton is one of the contestants on Season 20 of Big Brother

As Big Brother 20 gets ready to kick off, the houseguests have been revealed on the live feeds — and Bayleigh Dayton is going to be one to watch.

She has beauty and brains, two things that don’t always go hand in hand in the Big Brother house.

Bayleigh Dayton has dabbled in acting, but only has one credit for Return in 2014. The last few years have been focused on her competing for the title of Miss USA.

Bayleigh became the first African-American to hold the Miss Missouri title in 2017. She began competing in 2013 but didn’t get what she was after until last year.

In her interview with Ross Mathews, she also revealed she is a flight attendant and yoga instructor.

Having good looks may put a target on her back early in the game, but if she plays her cards right there is a possibility she could go far.

Bayleigh Dayton isn’t pegged for an early exit, but there is some doubt that she will make it to the end.

In her interview with Mathews, there were plenty of ditzy moments — something that many fans have already made comments about.

Dayton is a little bit more outspoken than she looks, which could lead to trouble for her in the house.

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