Batwoman’s first season will include major Batman villain

Ruby Rose as Batwoman
The CW has released new photos from the Batwoman pilot. Pic credit: The CW

During the Batwoman panel at San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed that the Arrowverse’s newest hero will fight a major Batman villain in her first season, Tommy Elliot, the man who eventually becomes the supervillain Hush.

As Batwoman takes up her cousin Bruce Wayne’s crime-fighting cause, she’ll find herself targeted by Batman’s old enemies, Comicbook reports. One of them will be Tommy Elliot whose descent into villainy will take place over the course of season 1.

In Batman comics, Tommy Elliot/Hush was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne’s who ultimately came to resent his friend when he inherited his parents’ wealth. Meanwhile, Tommy’s wealthy parents disowned him. His anger towards Wayne eventually led him to become Hush, a villain with a serious vendetta against Batman.

Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is whether the inclusion of Hush could mean Batman himself will appear on Batwoman. During the panel, EPs Caroline Dries and Sarah Schechter claimed that anything could happen, but ultimately it’s out of their hands. DC and Warner Bros. make the final decision about the use of Batman.

Meanwhile, the newest Arrowverse series is most concerned about developing Batwoman and her alter-ego Kate Kane. Although that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a Batman appearance in the future. The character could always make a guest appearance, much like Superman has on fellow Arrowverse series Supergirl.

Batwoman’s first season will premiere on Sunday, October 6 at 8/7c on The CW. 

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