Battlestar Galactica creator wants to make a Star Wars TV show

Battlestar Galactica creator wants to make a Star Wars TV show
Ronald D. Moore wants to make a Star Wars TV show. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/S-buckley and Lucasfilm

For a long time, science fiction television meant low-brow entertainment or Star Trek. However, in 2004, Ronald D. Moore brought back Battlestar Galactica and made sci-fi television something much deeper than strange aliens and space battles.

Now, Moore wants to make a Star Wars TV show.

Ronald D. Moore and Star Wars

This isn’t the first time Moore has wanted to make a Star Wars TV show.

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The man who made Battlestar Galactica must-see TV after working on shows like Star Wars: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, wanted to make a live-action Star Wars series for ABC.

That show was Star Wars: Underworld in 2005. George Lucas described it at the time as “kind of like Episode IV — it’s funny and there’s action, but it’s [a] lot more talky.

“It’s more of what I would call a soap opera with a bunch of personal dramas in it. It’s not really based on action-adventure films from the ’30s — it’s actually more based on film noir movies from the ’40s!”

By 2010, the show was history due to budget concerns.

Now, with Disney+ making all sorts of TV shows in the Star Wars universe, this is Moore’s chance to finally get back into the game and make a Star Wars TV show.

“It’s always something that’s on my mind but clearly, they have their Star Wars plate full at the moment,” Moore told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m not sure this is the moment that you go in and pitch a new Star Wars series over there. I would love to do something in that franchise.”

He also talked about working on Star Wars: Underworld.

“It was fun to go work on the abortive live-action show that I did way back when,” Moore said. “I got a tremendous amount of thrill of writing lines for Darth Vader in one episode and it would be fun to do that again. It’s just not the first piece of development I’m doing over there but hopefully, I’ll be allowed to do that at some point.”

Ronald D. Moore’s post-Battlestar Galactica work

Ronald D. Moore is not without work at the moment.

After Battlestar Galactica wrapped in 2009, he moved on to Helix in 2014 and then settled on a very different fantasy series after that.

Moore brought the popular Diana Gabaldon book series Outlander to the small screen, watching as it became one of the most popular shows in the world.

More recently, Moore created the alternate history series For All Mankind for Apple TV+.

As for Star Wars, Moore seems even more excited with the franchise moving away from the Skywalker Saga.

The idea that they are now spreading out the Star Wars saga as not just the main line of the Skywalker story but doing things like The Mandalorian and all these other shows … I can’t wait to see all the different possibilities that get opened up,” Moore said.

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