Batman spin-off Pennyworth might get a third season on HBO Max

Batman spinoff Pennyworth might get a third season on HBO Max
Pennyworth might be coming to HBO Max. Pic credit: Epix

The Batman spin-off series Pennyworth streamed its first two seasons on Epix.

However, it looks like Pennyworth’s life has ended on that streaming service. The good news is that it might end up moving to an even bigger streaming giant, as HBO Max is considering picking it up.

Pennyworth moving to HBO Max?

Pennyworth is an alternate world version of the life story of Batman’s personal butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

This takes place before Bruce Wayne was born when Alfred was working as a secret agent and met Batman’s father, Thomas Wayne, for the first time.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros is in negotiations with Epix to bring the first two seasons of Pennyworth to HBO Max, with the option to make a third season of the series.

This would be the second Batman-world series coming to HBO Max, as it already has a Gotham P.D. series coming, focusing on Jim Gordon from The Batman, by director Matt Reeves.

Pennyworth executive producer Bruno Heller (who also created Rome and The Mentalist) said that Gotham P.D. would likely have an easier transition to the small screen than he had with the first two seasons of Pennyworth.

“We were the last big network battle cruiser to leave the harbor, but we were very much a network show,” Heller told “I think now that we’ve realized that streaming is the new god, I think Matt’s going to have a much easier time selling the kind of show that we wanted to do because he’s got a movie with movie stars to back it up.”

Now, Heller might get that same chance if HBO Max allows him to make Pennyworth as a streaming series for that streaming service.

If Pennyworth does move to HBO Max, it will join other DC Comics shows that already moved there, including Titans, Doom Patrol, and the animated Harley Quinn. A Peacemaker series is coming based on The Suicide Squad character and starring John Cena and a Green Lantern Corps series.

What is Pennyworth?

Pennyworth is a crime drama with Jack Bannon starring as Alfred Pennyworth, a former British SAS soldier. He is working with Thomas Wayne before Bruce was born.

The first season finale revealed this took place in an alternate history timeline where The Raven Society plotted to overthrow the British government.

Alfred worked with Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane to battle the secret society. The series also starred James Purefoy, Jason Flemyng Edward Hogg, Jessye Romeo, Ramon Tikaram, and Harriet Slater.

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