Basketball Wives LA star Laura Govan ‘burps and farts’ way to love on Million Dollar Matchmaker

Laura Govan talks to the camera on Million Dollar Matchmaker
Laura Govan during her appearance on Million Dollar Matchmaker

Laura Govan goes in search for love on this week’s Million Dollar Matchmaker — with the help of a bit of bodily gas.

The Basketball Wives LA star and former partner of NBA star Gilbert Arenas is set up on a date by Patti Stanger where she burps in front of the man she’s been set up with called Brandon.

Describing the 37-year-old mum-of-four on the show, Patti adds: “She is a deflector. She burps, she farts…she’s scared of falling back in love.”

The episode sees Patti saying she hopes to find Laura a man who can “nurture” her. But when challenged over her burp on her date with Brandon by Patti, Laura says: “I am who I am.”

However, she does admit that although she has good looks, she often hits other hurdles when it comes to dating. She says: “So here’s my problem, I’m beautiful, right? But it’s more a problem of what comes out of my mouth.”

At one point Patti and her team quiz potential suitors about how they would respond if a date were to “pass gas on a first date”.

This week’s episode of Million Dollar Matchmaker also features flamboyant tycoon Bastian Yotta — who gets on the wrong side of Patti over things he says about women.

Watch a preview for the episode, titled Mr. Build-A-Girl and the Basketball Wife, below:

Basketball Wives airs Fridays at 10/9c on WE tv.

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