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BAOBAB on Shark Tank: What makes this the ‘perfect polo shirt’ and where can you buy it?

Baobab polo shirts on Shark Tank
Will the sharks want to bite on a new kind of polo shirt from Baobab? Pic credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Brandon Davenport and Marcellus Alexander III made their pitch on the latest episode of Shark Tank. The pair presented their “perfect polo shirt” called BAOBAB in hopes that a shark would want to invest and work with them.

Initially, Brandon and Marcellus told the sharks that they were looking for $100,000 in exchange for 10 percent of their company.

BAOBAB polo shirts are made based on the idea that “if you look good, you’ll feel good” and both Brandon and Marcellus boast that their shirts are a better choice than a plain old polo.

What makes BAOBAB special?

BAOBAB polo shirts are made with the best cotton, according to their website. Called Pima Cotton, this fiber is considered a premium cotton that is comparable to Egyptian cotton and has a longer fiber than the typical Upland cotton that makes up 90 percent of the fabric we see on store shelves.

In addition to the premium cotton used, the BAOBAB polo shirts are innovative due to the way they are made. Using technology called BaoTech, the fabric is made to ward off stains, wrinkles and odors. In fact, Brandon and Marcellus claimed that each shirt can be worn 10-12 times before they even need to be washed because of antimicrobial elements within the fabric.

They even proved the stain-resistance of the cloth by spilling coffee, wine and ketchup on it before just spraying it off with bottled water. And once they do really need to be washed, the shirts are guaranteed not to shrink or fade.

And if the term BAOBAB seems familiar, that’s because it is and the company name is in reference to the tree that grows in Africa and Australia known as the “tree of life.”

“Legend has it that the Baobab tree can live thousands of years. The Baobab tree also provides nourishment to all whom collect its fruit and water. Just like the tree, BAOBAB Clothing Company has engineered and designed its shirt to be timeless with long-lasting wearability,” the BAOBAB website claims.

How to buy BAOBAB polo shirts

The perfect polo shirt certainly isn’t cheap. Then again, a shirt made with the finest fibers that is wrinkle and stain resistant should last for years and years. Not to mention, polo shirts will never go out of style.

The short-sleeve version of the BAOBAB polo typically runs $95. However, it is currently on sale on the BAOBAB website for $88. They are available in sizes S-XXL and can be purchased in black, navy blue, heather gray or white.

The long-sleeve BAOBAB polos run $115 but are currently on sale for $98. They are also available in sizes S-XXL and can be purchased in black, navy blue and heather gray.

Free shipping is available on orders totaling more than $150 with the code SharkTankFam.

While all of the sharks were impressed with BAOBAB polo shirts and sung the praises of the two men behind them, they ended up not getting a deal.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. 

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