Ballers Season 5, Episode 6 recap: Edutainment

Ballers season 5, episode 6
Omar Miller as Charles on Ballers. Pic credit: HBO

This week’s episode of Ballers was spread out over three of the major storylines of the series — Spencer growing into his role as an owner, Charles’ health problems, and SportsX moving into eSports.

The least interesting part of the episode continued the eSports storyline. In this area, Joe finally agrees to cut a check a lot smaller than expected, but Lance agrees to take it and find some diamonds in the rough to make it work.

These diamonds in the rough are a three-man brother team that imploded and was suspended from their league.

It seems late to be adding three new characters with only two episodes remaining, but it might be a way to get Joe his big win.

Meanwhile, Joe gets dumped by his girlfriend, who tells him jealousy is not a good look and is gross.

Speaking of girlfriends, in what might tie up a long-standing storyline, Jason agrees to marry his girlfriend after two years, even though he doesn’t believe in marriage because if he fails he wants to fail with her.

Now, the two biggest storylines involved Spencer and Charles.

Starting with Charles, his health concerns were finally revealed. He had two heart attacks and the big one might be coming if he doesn’t lower his stress levels.

Charles is told to take time off, which in his current job state could cost him his job. The good news is that Alvin Kamara agreed to leave the Saints for the Chiefs and fired his agent to make it happen.

Is it enough for Charles to hold onto his job?

The episode itself started out with the funeral of Cassan, and Spencer attended it with Jason. Both felt nothing, but believe that means they care.

However, Spencer then faced a valuable lesson in this episode. The owners will use him to get what they want and will lie to his face to get it.

The Dallas Cowboys owner called him and asked about the 18-game schedule and he said he would only do it if they agreed to a better health care plan for players.

An agreement was made and at the meeting, Spencer voted with the owners. However, when he brought up the healthcare plan, the Cowboys owner shut him down and shelved a vote on it, proving to Spencer that he can’t trust anyone in the NFL.

With two episodes left, the look of it is that Spencer is about to take on the owners like he did the NCAA and things are about to explode.

Ballers airs on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. EST on HBO.

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