Ballers Season 5, Episode 5 recap: Crumbs

Ballers season 5, episode 5
Kris D. Lofton as Kisan on Ballers. Pic credit: HBO

Ballers this week took a very dark turn as everyone is starting to see that their actions can have massive consequences.

After an episode last week where little happened, this week not only showed that the show is about to take a dark turn as it prepares to end, but it also inadvertently tied in to present-day events.

This past week in the NFL, Antonio Brown saw more charges of domestic abuse raised against him and the New England Patriots cut him just two weeks after signing him.

It seemed harsh due to the “he said, she said” specifics of the case, but it also showed that the NFL has little tolerance when the media picks up a story.

On Ballers this week, Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) learned first-hand that making moves that the NFL demands can come back to bite anyone with a conscious.

Remember, Spencer told Kisan that if he was honest, he would give him a second chance. When the tape was released to the media, Spencer had no choice but to cut him to avoid the NFL and public scrutiny.

To save himself, Spencer lied straight up to the press, claiming the player was dishonest with him. It was obvious this hurt the young man, who went to a gentleman’s club that night to wind down and ended up shot and killed.

Spencer will clearly take this hard as the season winds down. It also didn’t help others in the group, including Charles, who was mocking the fallout hurting Spencer and now realizes his gloating was now over a dead young man’s life.

It hurt Ricky, who might have seen a little of himself in the players who now ostracize him because he has become a talking head on the radio. Plus, Ricky called out Spencer as much as anyone and the media might have played into this murder as well.

It is still unknown how this will affect Joe, who has set himself with a major vendetta against Spencer, much to the chagrin of Jason, who finds himself caught in the middle.

The murder and death of a young football player is the moment that will move this story to its conclusion and with only three episodes remaining this season, it looks like it will race to the end and some of our favorites might not make it out in one piece.

Ballers airs on Sundays at 9:30 p.m. EST on HBO.

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