Ballers season 5, episode 3 recap: Copernicursed

Ballers season 5, episode 3 recap
Russell Brand and Rob Corddry on Ballers. Pic credit: HBO

It seems almost crazy how far apart Joe and Spencer grew between the fourth and fifth season of Ballers.

When season 4 ended, it was clear that Spencer was walking away from SportsX when he wouldn’t stop poking big bears (the NCAA storyline). But it seemed he was doing it to protect Joe.

With that said, Joe and Spencer have a relationship with that is toxic to put it lightly.  At two different points in this episode, both men called the other a “nightmare” to work with.

Spencer vs. Joe on Ballers

This week, things went to an entirely new level in the feud between Joe and SportsX and Spencer.

After Candace turned down Spencer when he offered her the Kansas City Chiefs general manager job, he went to his second target — Jason.

See, Jason is getting burned out on working as an agent and he might need a change. That makes this job offer a perfect position at the perfect time deal.

However, he calls Joe to find out what Spencer is like to work with, and leans that Spencer is “a nightmare.” On top of that, Joe had told Lance that he wants to bury Spencer and wanted to buy an agency.

He counteroffers the GM job offer by offering to buy Jason’s agency for $50 million and give Jason some employees to help him out. Jason takes Joe’s offer and when he tells Spencer, he is told good luck because working with Joe is “a nightmare.”

This is also tough for Spencer who learned his financial backing has come in for $3 billion to buy the Chiefs but he might end up working as the GM himself.

Charles makes a tough decision

Charles is in a tough spot as well in this episode because he got some bad news concerning the player involved in the shooting.

The gun the police found was licensed to the player.

Charles’ wife, who is pregnant, tells him that he needs to think about himself and just turn his head but his conscience won’t allow him to do so.

He tries to get the truth from the player but when he is straight-up lied to and learns that a fall guy is set up to take the blame, he cuts the star instead of dealing with the issues.

Vernon and the Esports storyline

Meanwhile, Vernon still wants to be an eSports player instead of an NFL player. However, it is up to Dev to find a way to convince SportsX that esports is a possibility.

Sadly, when Vernon went to try out for a League of Legends team, he loses and impresses no one.

After the failure, Dev learns that the Dallas Cowboys will offer Vernon $80 million to sign with them, but he said he has enough money and just wants to retire from football, flooring Dev.

Ricky Jerrett turns a corner?

The final storyline in this episode follows Ricky.

He is still working out and remains depressed. He heads to a party and then tries to hook up with girls there, continuing to be self-destructive concerning his personal life.

After Reggie and Robert convince him to go home, a new idea pops up. They complain about the sports radio guys who just spout nonsense and think that Ricky could do better than any of them.

Could Ricky and Reggie make their move to radio show hosts? That is what it sounds like.

Ballers airs on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. EST on HBO.

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