Bad Chad Customs exclusive: Making a plexiglass bubble is a tense experience!

Chad Hiltz sweats as he watches the bubble being blown before his eyes
Chad Hiltz sweats as he watches the bubble being blown before his eyes. Pic credit: Discovery

On tonight’s Bad Chad Customs, the genius of Canning, Nova Scotia, Chad Hiltz strikes again as he uses what looks to be a giant Easy Bake oven to bake up a piece of plexiglass.

He then uses an air pig (a small air compressor) to blow up the space where a human head would fit, and it’s riveting stuff!

Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip opens with Jolene, the shop manager and Chad’s fiancee, explaining what is going down:

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We’re here at Timber Tech… we’re going to try to blow the bubble here in the oven that they have.”


Chad is seen directing the action, and it is all hands on deck as the giant piece of plexiglass is lifted carefully out of the oven and over to a flat surface where the air pig hose will blow a steady stream of compressed air on to the the underside allowing expansion of the bubble, hopefully to at least eighteen inches — enough for a human head.

Chad explains the action in the clip for this week’s episode:

Once we get the plexiglass out of the oven, we’ve only got 60 seconds before the plexiglass starts to hurt. If the bubbles not eighteen inches like… we got no headroom!”


What happens next is tense as everyone watches not uttering one word as the plexiglass is placed open side down with the air pig inserted to bring the air up into it, blowing up the glass to a perfect bubble.

Nerves are high but the clip ends right before eighteen inches is called — will they make it, or will the bubble burst?!

Chad Hiltz is an expert at designing and building on a shoestring. The savvy Canuck understands how to visualize designs and engineer concepts in his head and create in real time.

Very few people can do what he does and his series is a snapshot of a garage where creativity and can-do spirit prevail.

Tune in tonight to see the end result of the plexiglass bubble. It’s either going to be a “slickety dick” night or a total hoser moment.

Bad Chad Customs: Bubbles

Bad Chad Customs airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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