Bachelorette spoilers 2019: Who was spotted with Chris Harrison?

Hannah B
Hannah B is rumored to be the next Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor is coming to an end this week, so fans are naturally wondering who will become the next Bachelorette for the spring season.

While Reality Steve, an online personality who tends to break Bachelor news and bring spoilers to the forefront for dedicated fans, guessed that it would be Hannah B. However, Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss tweeted that nothing was official until Chris Harrison shared the news on the Bachelor finale.

Late last week, Reality Steve received several videos and photos from fans, who spotted Hannah B with Chris Harrison. On Friday, Reality Steve wrote on Twitter that Hannah B was filming her Bachelorette intro with Harrison. The two were seen exiting a car and walking to what appears to be a man waiting for them, possibly someone from the Bachelor production team.

Throughout the day, more videos surfaced, including some of Hannah B filming on the steps of the Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Reality Steve revealed that she was shooting her introductory video for The Bachelorette on Friday, sharing clips of her with the production team.

Even though he only shared a few videos of Hannah on campus, he also tweeted that she would be filming at her old sorority house in Alabama, and having a Bachelorette announcement party at the Tuscaloosa River Market.

Even though Bachelor producers have yet to announce anything at the time of this writing, Reality Steve is digging through all the guys that have been chosen for Hannah B this season. It should start filming shortly.

Mike Fleiss originally stated that nothing was official until Chris Harrison had shared the news, but he did open up about their decisions yesterday, revealing that they had chosen five of the ladies from Colton’s season. He also provided the first letters of the women.

These tweets were shared two days after Hannah B was spotted filming on campus in Alabama, which could hint that production chose to go with Hannah over the other ladies. The news will be confirmed by Chris Harrison this week, as Colton’s season wraps up Tuesday night.

For now, fans can watch Colton Underwood’s journey come to an end this week on ABC in a two-night finale special.

The Bachelor finale airs tonight and tomorrow, starting at 8/7c on ABC.

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