Bachelor spoilers: Are Colton and Cassie together now?

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood only wanted Cassie during the final episodes of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Colton Underwood’s Bachelor journey comes to an end this week in a big two-night finale. Last week, viewers learned that Colton realized that Cassie Randolph was the one he wanted to be with, but she wasn’t sure if she could accept a proposal at this point.

Rather than stick around, she eliminated herself from their overnight date, causing Colton to jump the fence and run into the Portuguese countryside.

Reality Steve, a blogger known to spoil the seasons and reveal the truth about the Bachelor contestants, guesses that Colton is indeed with Cassie. On his website, he stated that they were not engaged, hence breaking Bachelor tradition by ending the finale without a proposal.

Even though two women are currently left on the show, Colton will send home Hannah and Tayshia, telling them that he’s in love with Cassie and will pursue her.

Even though she left, Reality Steve reports that Colton Underwood found her in Southern California. The two are now together and have had couples weekends together since filming wrapped. While they aren’t engaged, they are supposedly dating and taking things slowly.

Earlier this month, a photo surfaced of Colton Underwood with Gregg Sulkin, who just so happens to be dating Cassie’s sister. It appears that he’s spending time with her family members, and fans wonder if he would really be bonding with Sulkin if he wasn’t dating Cassie.

During the two-night finale of The Bachelor, all questions will be answered and Colton and Cassie may come clean about their relationship. Since the finale is a total of 4 hours over two nights, it’s also possible we’ll see Colton travel to Los Angeles to find Cassie and talk to her about their future together.

The Bachelor finale airs tonight and tomorrow, starting at 8/7c on ABC.

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