Bachelor In Paradise: Hannah G and Dylan Barbour reveal how they kept their romance a secret

Hannah and Dylan
Hannah G and Dylan reveal how they kept their romance secret. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Goodwin and Dylan Barbour got engaged on the season finale of Bachelor In Paradise this summer, but the two had to hide their romance as the show aired. They did a great job, as not many expected them to get engaged, especially since Hannah had spent time with Blake Horstmann in Birmingham, Alabama before going on the show.

Now, Hannah is starting to open up about what they did to hide their romance. She reveals that they used to wear wigs to hide who they were. Hannah would wear a dark wig and have shorter hair to throw people off. And in the photos she shared on Instagram, it’s hard to tell that it’s her. She did cover her face by wearing big sunglasses as well.

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Hannah reflected on her romance with Dylan, revealing she had fun hiding who she was to avoid spoiling the season of Bachelor In Paradise. In the past, some of the couples weren’t allowed to see one another before the show concluded to avoid spoilers, but production may have realized that they were breaking the rules to keep the romance alive.

Previous Bachelor couples have been spotted together and spoiled the season, but Hannah and Dylan took their romance seriously and made every effort to disguise her. The one thing that may have given them away is Dylan’s inability to hide his feelings for Hannah, as he keeps kissing and hugging her in a video she shared, as they walked down the street.

Since leaving Bachelor In Paradise, the two have spent time together in Paris. In addition, they appear serious in making it work, so don’t be surprised if we hear about a potential wedding date sooner rather than later.

Bachelor In Paradise returns next summer.

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