Austen and Madison on Southern Charm: Video exposes confrontation, but couple moved on

Austen Kroll cheating
Austen Kroll appeared to have been caught cheating when Southern Charm wasn’t filming. Pic credit: Rebecca Miller/Bravo

Austen Kroll’s romantic adventures may be confusing to some Southern Charm fans. As the previous season ended, he was caught between Chelsea and her best friend, Victoria.

Then, as Southern Charm premiered on Bravo last night, a video was shown which went viral last year and appeared to show Austen being caught cheating on a new girlfriend, Madison.

The video showed Austen after he was apparently caught half-naked with two girls at once, and sees him trying to defend himself, calling Madison an “insane person” for thinking he had cheated on her with two girls.

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As Bravo pointed out in the footage, the video was filmed by one of the two girls who stayed over. You can see it below and hear his reaction. Warning, the video includes profanity.

Southern Charm's Austen Kroll gets busted (graphic language warning) ...

However, by all accounts, it appears that Madison has forgiven Austen for the indiscretion — and the pair don’t even class the incident as cheating at all. Austen explained the video to ET Online recently, revealing that the incident happened super early in their relationship as they were trying to figure out what status their relationship was at.

“So, I guess what I can say is that was very early on [in our relationship],” Austen revealed. “[That was] Madison and I trying to figure out what we were. We both hadn’t done the, you know, ‘you’re my girlfriend, and you’re my boyfriend’ talk, right?”

“We definitely were both trying to push it to see how much the other person cared,” he continues. “‘I’m going to go out tonight and I’m not going to talk to her. See if that bothers her,’ or vice versa. And so, we had this talk, right?

“Because she was talking about the fact that her ex, like, wouldn’t leave her alone. You tell me to leave you alone and I will never — I’m gone. And, we kind of had one of those moments. I was like, fine, fine.”

Madison reportedly feels the same way, as she went on Instagram to clarify how she felt about the ordeal.

“Like every relationship — we have went [sic] through a few bumps in the road to get where we are now,” she reportedly wrote in a comment. “A video taken several months ago, while we weren’t in a relationship is showing one side of a story, this will not tear us apart.”

It appears she and Austen have chosen to move forward, and forgive anything that happened that night.

Southern Charm airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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