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Aswar Rahman: Who is Muslim politician on Welcome to Waverly?

Aswar Rahman
Aswar Rahman is a politician from Minneapolis who stars on Welcome To Waverly. Pic credit: @aswarforminneapolis/Instagram

Bravo’s new show Welcome to Waverly is a brand new reality show that seems to tackle some big issues in the country, especially since cities and groups of people are becoming more divided. The show takes people from different races, religions and sexual and gender orientations and puts them all in the small town of Waverly, Kansas.

Here, the town hasn’t changed much in 120 years. The mayor has been in office for 16 years, the majority of residents are white, and most of them identify as heterosexual. The show will challenge how people think about one another, and hopefully, the show will teach important lessons about accepting others differences, compassion and finding common ground on the important things in life.

One of the people who is placed in Waverly is Aswar Rahman. He’s a Muslim American who was born in Bangladesh.

Rahman came to American when he was just a young boy with his mom and sister, and he took full advantage of this fresh start. He’s 24 years old but graduated from the University of Minnesota at the age of 19.

Rahman identifies himself s a small business owner and has a career in film and technology. He’s the founder of Cineapolis, a film and multimedia company, and Eloquent, a web development firm.

Bravo reveals that Aswar Rahman’s goal with going to Kansas on Welcome To Waverly is to “change people’s views on Muslim-Americans.”

In 2017, he ran for Mayor in Minneapolis but lost the election at the age of 22. Prior to the election, he was quite active on social media but stopped posting after he lost the election.

However, it seems that he’s still active in the community, volunteering with community programs and working with the police department. One of the things he was passionate about was transportation around the city.

His IMDB page reveals he has 8 credits for directing movies such as Troika, Salone, Achilles, and Dorja. He has also worked as a writer, cinematographer, editor and has even done some acting.

Aswar Rahman’s personal website reveals that he’s directing the digital strategy in the most important Congressional race in America. He also points out that his name means “horse warrior” in Persian and his brother got the name “elephant warrior.”

Welcome to Waverly airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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