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Ashley Reyes and Diana Bunch reveal new bodies on My 600-lb Life: Where Are they Now?

Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of My 600-lb Life Where Are They Now? as we revisit Ashley Reyes and Diana Bunch.

Ashley formerly tipped the scales at an unbelievable 700 pounds. After counseling and guidance from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in Houston, her gastric sleeve surgery proved to be successful and she also changed her relationship with food.

Ashley was first introduced on My 600-lb Life last January when her overall state of mind was in turmoil over her life. The 30-year-old, who weighed 700 pounds at her highest weight needed a carer to help her with shopping, showering, and she could not even sit in a car normally. Her life was over in her mind and her life expectancy was dramatically shortened.

“My body is in constant pain,” Reyes said in clips from TLC’s first showing of her journey.

A child sexual abuse victim, Ashley felt unattractive and like a “monster” in a “nightmare” of constant pain and humiliation.

It was a medical wake up call from her doctors that made Ashley resolve to end her cycle of morbid obesity.

Ashley Reyes
Ashley has lost 300 pounds and now must deal with her excess skin

Now, after losing over 300 pounds, Ashley has a new issue that needs a surgical intervention: Loose skin that is chafing and hurting her and making her feel monstrous still.

Watch tonight as Ashley and her husband, Daniel reconcile with her new reality and plan for her skin removal surgery. She shows in the clip exactly where the skin will be removed in a long operation.

The couple previously were forced to live with her family so she could be taken care of and bathed, fed, dressed, driven and looked after, as she was unable to even go to the bathroom without someone assisting her.

Now after a move to Houston, Texas where Dr. Now is based, she finally had a successful gastric sleeve surgery that allowed her to start dropping the weight. We see in the clip that Ashley is starting to make progress in her life and has a new and enjoyable married life alone with Daniel and away from other family members.

But, Ashley’s move back to California and the proximity to her enabling family and the ghosts of her past sexual abuse as a child by a relative just might destroy all of the progress she made and keep her from ever being truly independent and happy with Daniel.

Also tonight you will see season five’s Diana Bunch who lost everything, her career, her mobility, and almost her life. Diana shed hundreds of pounds in her first year after gastric surgery in Houston. Once she was too ashamed to leave her house, but now, she has a zest and a zeal fo rher new life and wants to immerse herself in everything she had been missing out on.

She says on her facebook page: “Here is my preview for tonight’s episode. I have not seen it either so we will all watch it together!”

There’s an medical issue, as although Diana may be making steady progress in weight loss, her knees have finally deteriorated from the years carrying of excess weigh. Will her knee injuries prevent her from continuing to lose weight – and from being truly successful in her bid to reclaim her life finally?

Diana Bunch
Bunch is on her way to a new life as well

Watch the two women’s journey tonight on TLC.

My 600-lb Life Where Are They Now? airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC

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