As Real Housewives of Beverly Hills feud heats up, Lisa Rinna encouraged to bring down Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna recently made some comments about her co-stars and fans are loving her for it. Pic credit: Bravo

Lisa Rinna revealed this week that the ladies were getting together to do the promotional photos for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Usually, they don’t talk about doing the promotional work, but she hinted that someone was being difficult.

She later posted a photo on Twitter, sharing the definition of integrity. She simply wrote “This” to the definition, hinting that someone should read the definition.

Many viewers guessed that she was referring to Lisa Vanderpump and it didn’t take long for websites to pick up the story. Sources are now speaking out, revealing that Lisa has some serious issues with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars.

As soon as Lisa posted the definition, fans were quick to reach out, telling her to “end” Lisa Vanderpump and to “bring her down.”

It’s uncertain what this means exactly, but Lisa Vanderpump has often been seen as the main star of the show as she and Kyle Richards have been on RHOBH the longest. Maybe fans are tired of seeing Vanderpump act a certain way and want Lisa Rinna to call out her co-stars on everything she says and does.

Just two days prior to the photo shoot drama, Lisa Rinna shared a happy birthday message on Twitter, tagging Lisa in it. The picture was cupcakes decorated with pills.

Even though Rinna could have made fun of her own pill-popping storyline as she carries around a bag of vitamin pills on the show, some people reminded Rinna that it was insensitive of her to share this photo.

Back in the spring, the news broke that Lisa’s brother had died from a suspected overdose. It was later hinted that perhaps it was suicide. Rinna didn’t remove the photo from Twitter.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will return to Bravo later this year.