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Art theft, a cult and hunt for The Witness in tonight’s 12 Monkeys

Cassandra gives birth to The Witness while being watched over by the guardians on 12 Monkeys

Tonight’s 12 Monkeys episodes offer up a lethal combination of dramatic beats that will have fans gagging for more.

But before we get to that, let’s quickly recap what we have learned thus far from this weekend’s Syfy binge of Season 3.

12 Monkeys: The temporal recap

Last night’s episodes picked the action up months after where things were left off in the Season 2 finale.

Cole was determined to find out what happened to Cassandra while Jennifer Goines has been lost in time for what would turn out to be five long years.

During these years Goines tries various things to try and send a message to Jones in the future.

Among them are some very elaborate productions of classic movies such as ET and Jaws.

Jennifer Goines indulges in some classic Euro Pop while on the front lines in World War 1

As for Cassandra, she wound up being a prisoner on Titan and heavily pregnant with her and Coles’ son, who winds up being the mysterious Witness.

Ramse finds himself a guest of Violet, who used to be the right hand of The Witness.

And Violet tells him the truth about the identity of The Witness, which sees Ramse head off on a mission to kill Cassandra.

The opening four episodes conclude with Cole tracking Ramse down and killing him in order to protect Cassandra.

Preview of tonight’s 12 Monkeys episodes

Tonight’s three episodes will see Cole dealing with the guilt of having to murder Ramse, who has been very much his brother.

We also get to see the team travel back to 1989 for a very amusing art theft, which has been planned in detail by Jennifer Goines.

A vital document is recovered, which could potentially reveal the full story of The Witness — who is otherwise thought of as a prophet by the 12 Monkeys.

We’ll also see Cassandra and Cole sent back to 1953 on a mission to find The Witness, where they find themselves indoctrinated into a religious cult, which is led by a mysterious preacher played by Christopher Lloyd.

Finally, Jones will learn a very dangerous secret…

12 Monkeys continues tonight at 8/7c on Syfy.

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