Arrow pays tribute to crew member Jack Wright following his death

Stephen Amell and Arrow paid tribute to fallen crew member Jack Wright.
Arrow star Stephen Amell wanted to end the show with season 7 until learning about plans for season 8. Pic credit: The CW.

Stephen Amell has always made it clear that the team behind Arrow is more than just his co-stars and crew on a television show — it is family.

In a Twitter post last month, Stephen Amell paid tribute to a fallen crew member named Jack Wright, and a humorous anecdote about one of their interactions.

It was a pure look at Amell’s personality and how he looks at the people he works with.

Last night on the Arrow episode Star City 2040, the show also paid tribute to Jack Wright with a message on screen.

Arrow pays tribute to fallen crew member Jack Wright.
Arrow pays tribute to late crew member Jack Wright. Pic credit: The CW

It was a touching moment and something that shows that, no matter how famous a person is, they are part of the family when they work on a show like this.

While no one in the television audience knows much about Jack Wright, the cast and crew of Arrow wanted to make sure that his family and friends knew how much he meant to them.

On last night’s episode of Arrow, the episode dealt with a major flash forward into the year 2040 and showed how crazy things get and, interestingly, included very little screen time for Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen.

The tribute to Jack Wright aired on screen at the end of the episode.

Arrow airs on Monday nights on The CW at 8/7c.

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Rob T
Rob T
4 years ago

Coolest Show Ever !!! Sad to see it go…

2 years ago

Who is jack wright on the arrow

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous