Arrow: Charlie Barnett cast as John Diggle Jr. for final season

harlie Barnett who will play John Diggle Jr. in Arrow.
Charlie Barnett, who will play John Diggle Jr. in the final season of Arrow, said he will only appear in a “couple episodes.” Pic credit: The CW.

The eighth and final season of Arrow will introduce us to the adult version of John Diggle Jr., John Diggle’s Flashpoint-born son.

It was announced during the Arrow panel at San Diego Comic-Con that Charlie Barnett (Russian Doll) has joined the cast as a series regular. He’ll embody Diggle Jr., called J.J., in the future where he leads the Deathstroke Gang. As a result, in Season 8, he’ll clash with Mia and his adopted brother, Connor, who are working to form a superhero team of their own.

Arrow’s seventh season flash-forwards to Star City in 2040, included both of Oliver Queen’s grown-up kids, William Clayton and Mia Smoak, as well as Diggle’s adopted son Connor Hawke. This left fans wondering if we would eventually meet John Diggle Jr., Diggle and Lyla Michael’s biological son, who was introduced as an infant in the story’s present-day timeline. In the show’s final season we will.

No doubt, J.J. will introduce some interesting Diggle family dynamics into Arrow’s last season. While the main timeline involving Oliver Queen will see the character traveling the world, the flash-forwards look to continue the storyline started last season of the ongoing corruption in Star City. A storyline J.J. will now play a major role in.

Arrow’s last season will air on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. The season premieres on October 15.

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