Arnold Schwarzenegger builds his own wall in Mobile Strike Super Bowl commercial

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mobile Strike commerical
Arnold Schwarzenegger prepares to take charge in the Mobile Strike commerical

Online game giant Mobile Strike have enlisted Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in their Super Bowl commercial.

The Terminator actor, former governor of California and general all-round bad ass looks right at home as he takes charge of his forces.

The Terminator actor watches enemy forces approach
The Terminator actor watches enemy forces approach

In what must be a clear dig at President Donald Trump’s Mexican wall ambitions, he orders his men to build a wall against the enemy forces. Encouraging them to build it higher as the enemy planes close in on his position. When they are destroyed by his new wall he tells us: “I’m the party pooper!”

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He build a giant wall, but we wonder who is paying!
He build a giant wall, but we wonder who is paying?

Just this week, Schwarzenegger has been defending himself and his new role as the boss in The Apprentice against President Trump’s digs about the ratings.

The POTUS had wise cracked at The National Prayer Breakfast: “They hired a big, big movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to take my place. And we know how that turned out.”

Schwarzenegger replied with a video on Twitter offering to swap jobs with Trump, so that people could sleep easy again…

You can watch the teaser to the commercial below.

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