Ari Millen answers your questions about Orphan Black

Ari Millan
Ari Millen talks about his roles in Orphan Black and what it was like to make 

Ari Millen has done a sit-down on camera answering questions from fans about Orphan Black.

Millen has played a number of clones in the series, which just finished its fourth season, following his first appearance back in Season 2.

The hit show has been renewed for a fifth-and-final series which is set to air in 2017.

The questions Millen answers include everything from which clone has the most comfortable outfits to which was his favorite death to film.

Others include, ‘If you could clone any prop or item from set to keep for yourself, what would you pick?’ and whether the baby pictures of the four clones are actually of him as a kid.

Watch the video below to see what Ari’s answers are.

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