Are Zac and Elizabeth still together? Love Island 2019 winners intrigue fans

Love Island USA 2019 winners Zac and Elizabeth are still a couple.
Love Island USA 2019 winners Zac and Elizabeth take their love to the real world. Pic credit: Colin Young-Wolf/CBS

Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber are the winners of Love Island USA 2019. They beat out three other pairs to be crowned America’s favorite couple. Oh, and take home the coveted $100,000 grand prize.

Elizabeth technically won the cash by picking the right envelope. However, she proved her love for Zac is genuine by not even hesitating to split it with him. Yes, Elizabeth could have kept all the money for herself but didn’t.

So now that they have left the Fiji villa, are Zac and Elizabeth still together?

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Yes, the winners are still a couple. It has only been a couple of days since the duo was thrust back into reality. However, they are already making plans for their future.

Elizabeth told US Weekly the winners are first planning a trip to meet each other’s family, officially. They are considering using the grand prize money to take a trip to Europe together.

The duo is also looking to live in the same city. Los Angeles is at the top of their list.

Even though their goal is not to be long-distance, Zac revealed to US Weekly they are not looking to move in together just yet. Life in the villa was fast-paced, but Elizabeth and Zac want to take it slow in the real world.

No, they are not afraid their love will go bust. Life outside the Fiji villa is merely different, and they want to continue to build their romance.

Zac and Elizabeth certainly have genuine, intense feelings for each other. They have fans convinced they are endgame, but will the real world get the best of them?

Only time will tell what happens after Elizabeth and Zac settle into the real-life. Fans should follow them on Instagram to stay in the loop of what is going on with the Love Island USA 2019 winners.

Season 2 of Love Island USA won’t air until summer 2020. Therefore, a reunion show likely won’t happen until closer to the upcoming season. Fans can keep up with their favorite islanders on social media until then.

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