Are Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell together?

Buddy Bell and Whitney Thore on My Big Fat Fabulous Life
Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell crossed out of the friend zone with a kiss. Pic credit: TLC

Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell are a hot topic of conversation. Earlier today, the super-trailer for My Big Fat Fabulous Life dropped and since then, everyone is wondering if the two have changed their status from friends to something more.

Generally speaking, Whitney and Buddy spend a lot of time together. They have been friends for years and roommates too. My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers have always wondered if the two have become more than just friends and there have been several instances where they really seemed to have some chemistry.

Whitney kisses Buddy

Season 6 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life is going to be intense. The end of the super-trailer shows Whitney Thore kissing Buddy Bell after asking if she could. Of course, this caused a frenzy on social media with viewers weighing in on the situation.

There are some who believe this wasn’t a good decision on their part because of his past relationship with Heather who happens to be friends with Whitney as well. While she and Buddy have called it quits, there is a scene where Heather is venting to her friend about his new relationship and she is clearly still feeling the pain of the breakup.

Some viewers are excited to see if Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell will develop into something more. Many have been waiting on this moment and are pushing for a blossoming relationship, and it looks like there is a possibility things may really cross the lines.

Are Whitney and Buddy together?

After seeing the super-trailer for My Big Fat Fabulous Life, viewers are wondering whether Whitney and Buddy are more than just friends. With the kiss being placed just right, there is speculation that the two could be a couple moving forward.

It looks like, despite the kiss, Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell are not a couple. There are no couple pictures on social media for either of them. Because of the way things work with reality television, their kiss likely happened months ago without a resolution.

There have been rumblings about Buddy Bell being involved with another woman recently, which many have speculated may be Chelsea. She was also mentioned in the super-trailer with Buddy revealing that he would marry her.

At this point, there is no clear answer about their relationship. Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell are obviously still friends, but it looks like that is where it ends.

Season 6 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life begins January 1 at 8/7c on TLC.

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