Are Jaime and Cersei dead on Game of Thrones?

Cersei and Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones
Are Jaime and Cersei dead on Game of Thrones? Pic credit: HBO

The Last War brought a mighty death toll last night that left many viewers awestruck. As The Mad Queen unleashed a blazing inferno on King’s Landing, many familiars were picked off and none of the deaths were as strangely tragic as Cersei and Jaime.

The most fascinating aspect about the final scene they both shared was how the writers did the impossible. Game of Thrones somehow made Cersei feel sympathetic despite her ongoing history of being a terrible human being.

However, did the incestuous couple survive the massacre of King’s Landing? Here is what happened to the infamous Lannister duo and whether or not they survived the episode.

How did Jaime and Cersei die?

As stated in our recap about who died in this episode, after being freed by his brother Tyrion, Jaime journeyed his way to King’s Landing to get to Cersei.  His motives for doing so were unclear until the pinnacle point of the episode when Dany burned the city to a crisp.

Before getting to her, Jaime was stabbed multiple times by Euron before delivering a critical blow to Euron’s stomach, which made him incapable of doing any more damage to Jaime. However, as Jaime walks away with a bittersweet victory, Euron points out that he has killed him because the wounds he landed on Jaime were fatal. Jaime ignores him and proceeds to locate Cersei.

Once he finds her, he attempts to help her escape through the crypt tunnels but the exit out of the kingdom is blocked by a pile of debris. Knowing their fate, Cersei becomes devastated over the baby inside her that she wants to protect.

Jaime, accepting the situation, tries to get her calm by making her focus on their last moments of love with each other. As he embraces her, the ceiling falls on top of them, implying that they were both crushed.

Are Jaime and Cersei dead on Game of Thrones?

Is it possible they survived? This is television, therefore, anything is possible. That said, given the number of critical wounds Jaime received from Euron and the weight of the castle grounds falling on top of them, it does not seem likely either one of them survived. At the very least, Jaime is definitely dead and having Cersei return would not serve any purpose.

Plus, there’s this quote from Lena Headey via Entertainment Weekly that seems to confirm her unfortunate demise:

The more we talked about it the more it seemed like the perfect end for her. They came into the world together and now they leave together.

This is the Jon and Dany show now and Ice and Fire will have their day in court next week without a Lannister to interfere–besides Tyrion. The question remains: Is Daenerys the new Cersei Lannister?

Game of Thrones will air its series finale this Sunday at 9/8c on HBO.

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