Aquapaw on Shark Tank: An easier way to clean your pets

Aquapaw will pitch on Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC/Eddy Chen

On Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank, pet lovers will be excited to hear about Aquapaw. The device being pitched is a way to clean your pet without them squirming all over the place and wasting a lot of water.

Daniel Lentz knows all about that. He was a dog washer in the family, and when he attended college, he thought about Aquapaw. It would take years of prototypes for him to get the right design.

Now, the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool is essentially a water sprayer and scrubber all in one design. This makes bath time for pets faster, gentler on your pets and you won’t waste that much water.

As the pet owner (or washer), you simply strap the scrubber to your hand. On the opposite side, you’ll see rubber nubs that spray water and scrub your pet clean. The water is controlled by a button in the center of the scrubber, meaning you are in control all the time.

Rather than a messy bath, your pet is actually being massaged. In addition to its water-saving perks, the Aquapaw design can also help reduce anxiety in pets that don’t like taking a bath.

It’s suited for both indoor and outdoor use and it’s easy to clean after use. And the sharks may be thrilled to know that it won “Best in Show” at the Global Pet Expo, and even received the “Editor’s Choice Award” from Pet Product News.

You can buy the Aquapaw on Amazon for $24.95 or on the company‘s website for the same price. It is also here you can learn more about which adaptors you’ll need based on your location, including US, Canada, Mexico, and international locations.

Shark Tank airs Sunday at 9/8c on ABC.

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