Apryl and Fizz take on Moniece at the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion

Fizz and Apryl Jones
Fizz and Apryl are back for the all-new Love & Hip Hop All-Star reunion. Pic credit: VH1

The reunion for Love and Hip Hop Hollywood has been filmed and according to Urban Belle, there was a lot of drama between Fizz, Apryl Jones, and Moniece Slaughter.

The site says that Fizz started the drama by saying some negative things about Moniece, and Apryl chimed in and called Moniece a bad mom who didn’t attend enough of her son’s events. Moniece reportedly got so angry that she left the stage several times.

The site went on to reveal that Booby Gibson defended Moniece and Fizz accused Booby of sleeping with her. Moniece denied the accusation, saying that Booby’s girlfriend and Moniece were friends.

Fizz then shared that his mother and Moniece exchanged words recently. Moniece said that she has receipts of why the two ladies had it out and she would release them shortly after the reunion airs. Moniece also told Fizz, “F*** your mom.”

Moniece went on Instagram live and provided more detail about what was said to her. She said that Apryl called her a bad mother. She explained that she and Apryl had a good relationship when Fizz and Apryl were just friends, but since they started dating, the friendship is over. She compared Apryl and her ex Omarion’s situation to her and Fizz’s and said that she couldn’t understand how Apryl could say bad things about her.

Very recently, Urban Belle also shared, that after the show aired, and Fizz was shown crying over the death of his grandmother, Moniece tweeted, “Oh boo hoo cry us a river b****. S*** happens. Sack the f*** up.” When a viewer replied, “If you talking about him crying about his grandmother you corny asf be mad all you want but that’s corny,” Moniece didn’t back down. She said, “You mean like it was corny of him to say I’m not a mother. I don’t play with my child.”

Moniece continued, “Or what about when he stood shoulder to shoulder with Apryl and made fun of me when I had an adverse reaction to my medication and I was having heart palpitations and couldn’t breathe in real f****** life. What about when I asked him to take kam three days early because my grandfather was on life support and in a coma and he told me it’s your week figure it out I can’t help you.”

Moniece didn’t stop there. She went on by stating that, “If me finally being fed up makes me corny. Then put my high yellow a** on the grill and roast me b****.”

This is Moniece’s last season on Love and Hip Hop. The reunion will be in three parts and multiple cast members claim it’s the best reunion they ever filmed.

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