Anne Heche on Chicago P.D.: Dep. Superintendent Katherine Brennan returns for new episode

Anne Heche as Kate Brennan on Chicago P.D. cast
Anne Heche as Kate Brennan on Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: NBC

Anne Heche returned to the Chicago P.D. cast as Dep. Superintendent Katherine Brennan in the latest episode of the show.

When there is an Intelligence case that affects the press on Chicago P.D., actress Anne Heche usually makes an appearance. Kate Brennan is typically there to help out the Police Superintendent and to ensure that cases get closed.

During Season 6, episode 20 of the show, a violent crew was shown hitting pharmaceutical delivery trucks. The objective was to steal drugs, which led to some negative headlines on the show.

Enter Brennan, who wanted to ensure that Voight (Jason Beghe) and his team were on the case and close to putting an end to the crime spree.

Anne Heche on the Chicago P.D. cast

Actress Anne Heche first appeared on the Season 6 premiere of Chicago P.D. The guest-starring role went well and she has returned to the show a number of times since then.

Heche works really well in the role of Dep. Superintendent Katherine Brennan. The character has to be tough to deal with politicians on one side and the police force on the other. She holds her own in the scenes she shares with tough characters like Voight, which is extremely important in order to make the show work.

Heche also works well on-screen with actor John C. McGinley, who plays Police Superintendent Brian Kelton. Kelton and Brennan are going to have some really important scenes with the Chicago P.D. season finale approaching, as he is running to become the Mayor of Chicago.

There are just two episodes of the show left in Season 6, with some big moments coming in the final two weeks. That will include a fan-favorite of the Chicago P.D. cast member leaving the show. It means more drama is coming, even though the end of Season 6, episode 20 was already hard for some fans to take.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.

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