Annabelle Neilson cause of death revealed

Annabelle Neilson dead
Annabelle Neilson from Ladies of London has passed away

Annabelle Neilson made headlines this week and she was found dead in her London home on Thursday, Jule 12. The sudden death didn’t make the news until days later, as her friends and family members may have wanted privacy to deal with the sudden death.

However, since Annabelle was well-known in the fashion world and a former cast member of Ladies of London, a Real Housewives spin-off following a group of women in London.

The coroner announced today that the cause of death was a cerebrovascular accident. In other words, Annabelle Neilson died suddenly from a stroke.

The Westminster Coroner Court spokesperson Susan Lord confirmed the news that she had died from a stroke to Radar Online. It’s uncertain whether Annabelle had some medical issues she wasn’t sharing, but based on recent posts, it sounds like she was happy and living life.

Annabelle was just 49 years old when she died. Given the coroner’s report, the police in London are not treating her death as suspicious.

When the news of her death spread like wildfire, her friends thought the death news was a hoax. Just days before her death, Annabelle had attended a wedding where she had been happy and upbeat.

When the news of her death was announced, fans thought the worst. On Ladies of London, Annabelle Neilson revealed that she had struggled with depression after her friend, Alexander McQueen, took his own life in 2010. Years later when she filmed Ladies of London in 2014 and 2015, she revealed that she had also struggled with addiction.

While filming the show, Annabelle Neilson also suffered a massive injury as she was thrown off a horse while racing. It took her months to recover and it left her with chronic pain.

RIP Annabelle Neilsen. She will be missed by friends, family, and Ladies of London fans.

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