Animal ER Live: A heart-pounding, unscripted veterinary series airing on Nat Geo WILD

A boxer heads to the back at Angell Animal Medical Center. on Animal ER Live
A boxer heads to the back at Angell Animal Medical Center. Pic credit: Nat Geo WILD

Animal lovers, people who enjoy the rush of a busy emergency room and people who want to see the good in the world will likely enjoy Animal ER Live, an exciting new special event series on Nat Geo Wild that wraps up its run on Easter weekend.

Animal ER Live shows the dedicated doctors and staff in busy animal ERs in real-time and is totally unscripted in animal hospitals across the country.

The hospitals include Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts; DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital in Portland, Oregon; Animal Care Center Emergency in Plainfield, Illinois; Access Veterinarian in Lakewood, Colorado; Mendocino Equine and Livestock in Fort Bragg, California; Waller Equine Hospital in Waller, Texas, and Veterinary Specialty Care in Charleston, South Carolina.

This series features Emmy award-winning Mark Steines from Entertainment Tonight and KTLA’s Rose Parade as the host of this adventure in veterinary medicine.  He is joined in a New York studio by veterinary experts Dr. Justine Lee and Dr. Will Draper where they chat about what is going on at these busy ERs.

From the press release:

I’m thrilled to partner with Nat Geo WILD and Big Fish Entertainment on this exciting new series that highlights the amazing work of those who have dedicated their lives to helping animals. As an animal lover and advocate myself, I’m looking forward to showcasing the realities, drama and heartwarming moments these urgent care teams face on a daily basis as they work tirelessly to save the lives of animals in need.

The non-stop action is addictive.  There are crisis cases of animals getting hit by cars, broken wings and pet owners desperately wanting help to save their beloved animal companions.  You also get a dose of human kindness when people take the time to rush a wild animal to the animal ER, just to try to help.

In a previous episode, you see a doctor giving mouth to snout resuscitation on piglets.  Not all of them made it, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

The drama is fascinating and while some of the content may be too graphic for small children, it is fascinating to see the lengths people go to help animals of multiple species. Animal ER Live shows heart-warming and sometimes heartbreaking cases of abuse and neglect but at the core are the dedicated people who work to save animals.

You see busy waiting rooms, emergency surgeries and on-call vets, who visit farms or homes to treat the less-mobile animals in need.

Animal ER Live joins other popular veterinary programs featured on Nat Geo WILD, including  Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER, Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet, Secrets of the Zoo, and The Incredible Dr. Pol.

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