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Angus Cloud reveals Fez was set to die in Season 1 of Euphoria

Angus Cloud stars as fan-favorite Fez on HBO’s Euphoria. Pic credit: HBO

While Fezco finally got the signature backstory treatment on HBO’s highly anticipated teen drama Euphoria, Angus Cloud revealed his character almost didn’t make it for the sophomore season.

“I was supposed to die in season 1, bro,” the Oakland native told GQ in an interview. “I guess the character of Fezco was [never meant to stick around].”

The finale of the first season left Fez in a dangerous situation with a violent drug dealer thanks to hyper-masculine high school jock, Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi).

Striking a chord with viewers as Rue’s (Zendaya) reserved yet fiercely-protective friend, it’s clear fans are happy writers kept softie-drug dealer around.

Angus Clous reveals Fez was set to die in Season 1 of Euphoria

While Cloud never saw the script that wrote out his death, it was Elordi who dropped the bomb on him about his pre-planned departure.

“He was like, “Oh yeah, you didn’t know? Your character gets [imitates brains getting blown out],” the 23-year-old actor continued. “And yeah, it never ended up happening. I think that they liked what I did and so they decided to keep me alive and let me rock. I don’t know how I was going out, but hopefully, I would’ve gone out like a G.”

Not coming from an acting background, his character being kept around gave him “solid evidence” that he was “doing something right”.

“I just had to come to terms because during the filming of the pilot everyone would compliment me and say, “Oh you’re killing it, man,” Angus explained later in the interview. “And I was like, “No, I’m not, but thank you for trying to make me feel better.” Because I just felt like I had no idea what I was doing. I felt like I was doing a terrible job.”

Cloud started as a stagehand before a casting agent saw him in New York

Cast off the streets in New York because he looked the part, Angus Cloud thought he was getting approached by a scammer.

While Cloud attended Oakland School for the Arts, the same school fellow Euphoria alum, Zendaya attended, he ended up executing stagehand stuff like setting up lights.

Excited to show a different side of his character this season, Cloud described, “You see a little bit of his innocence and you see that he’s kind of been forced into this life, but he’s… What am I trying to say, exactly? He’s still a kid like everyone else. He might be a year older, but he had to act like an adult from such a young age.”

Euphoria Season 2 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on HBO Max.

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