Angels go bad in Basketball Wives LA and Tami blasts Brinks

Angel Love and Angel Brinks'
Angel Love feels Angel Brinks does not have her back in Basketball Wives LA

On tonight’s Basketball Wives LA – Angel Love gets busy feuding with three of the girls and accuses Angel Brinks of not having her back.

Later on Jackie does her bit to calm thing down with Angel and Duffey, but that goes as well as you’d expect.

Malaysia is not impressed that her peace trip has not gone to planned, saying :”I’m over it, I tried my bad. Like these ******** ************ ungrateful.”

She goes on to the point out that ”the whole point of the trip was peace but Angel Love called out all three of us and so it’s going to be a problem.”

Brandi does try to lighten the mood though, she gets up in some furry lingerie and gets all the girls laughing.

 Brandi on Basketball Wives LA
Brandi cheers the girls up on Basketball Wives LA, showing her animal side!

Tired of all the stress, tension and arguments she says it is time to have some fun and “give them a little show.”

However, upstairs the mood is less light as Angel Love is not impressed when Angel Brinks fails to have her back.

She says: “To have somebody to have your back and to speak up fo ryuou, that’s what I want.”

Brinks defends herself saying she does but that she is not about to start fighting with everyone.

Tami chimes in with her 2 cents: “I don’t know Angel Brinks well enough to know if she’s a wimp or not, but I will say meow – coz the p***y was in the building.”

Catch Basketball Wives LA tonight 8 PM on VH1.

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