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Angela Marie Dunham-Johns on My 600-lb Life, an update on how she is now

A second Angela has arrived on My 600 lb Life for a second chance. Pic credit: TLC

Wednesday night marks the second Angela appearance this season on My 600-lb Life for TLC.

If you remember earlier in the season, Angela G. quit Dr. Nowzaradan’s weight loss program in Houston and frustrated the medic to no end.

This week, a new Angela is in town, Angela Marie Dunham-Johns…and she has erected a Go Fund Me page to cover her expenses to Houston, so we can predict that this Angela too will have financial hurdles to overcome and likely miss key appointments as she is based in Ohio, and Dr. Now is in Houston.

But based on her Facebook page, she looks to be motivated to lose weight and she posted a really pretty picture of herself recently.

Perhaps there will be good news for this Angela after all.

She looks smaller here in this recent photo. Pic credit: Angela Dunham Jones/Facebook
She looks smaller here in this recent photo. Pic credit: Angela Dunham Johns/Facebook

Angela seems sincere in her plea to raise funds to see Dr. Now and posted a photo of the doctor and herself at the top of the page.

Dr. Now and Angela. Angela Dunham Johns/Go Fund Me Page
Dr. Now and Angela. Angela Dunham Johns/Go Fund Me Page

She said: “I am trying to raise the rest of money I need to relocate from Ohio to Texas. I am moving to Texas for medical purposes to see a surgeon who specializes in bariatric surgery for patients that are my weight. The cost turned out to be more than I can handle alone being as I live on a fixed income.”

Noting her past efforts, she added: “I am almost 40 years old and I have been over weight almost all my life, and I’ve tried several different diets and diet fads with no avail. And my weight being at almost 600lbs has left me almost bedridden and desperate to get this life saving surgery. ”

On her Facebook page, she has loads of pictures of her adorable grandkids and her husband Justin Michael who clearly is supportive of her efforts.

Time will tell as we watch the show Wednesday to see if Angela will make excuses or knock that first round of 100+ pounds off when she meets with Dr. Now and gets the diet list from him.

Dr. Now’s diet consists of high protein and no carb meals for his patients to immediately start upon, which is a real shock to the system for people used to bingeing on bread, cookies, cakes and other forms of sugar and grains.

If she has met this goal and Dr. Now approves her, hopefully, she will get to Houston somehow for the surgery.

This show has had a lot of failures and excuse makers in the course of the season, many people who waste Dr. Now’s time and viewers are impatient to see someone take this weight loss program seriously.

One of the better case studies was Cillas Givens, who took all of Dr. Now’s advice to heart and acted upon it.

We hope Angela #2 is a success story and that she takes her health seriously.

Tune in Wednesday to see if she makes the first hurdle.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC

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