Andy Warhol Burger King commercial: Viewers were both confused and angry

Andy Warhol
Burger King’s Andy Warhol commercial caused confusion and laughter. Pic credit: Burger King

Burger King aired its Super Bowl commercial in the fourth quarter during last night’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots. The ad itself appeared to be just as relaxed and slow as the game itself.

For a long period of time, the ad simply showed Andy Warhol eating a burger. He sits quietly at a table, attempts to put ketchup on the burger, and then consumes it without saying anything.

Viewers were waiting for a big reveal, some laughter, or some kind of reaction. But nothing happened.

Needless to say, the commercial resulted in a few confused and angry viewers, who felt that the commercial was both confusing and a waste of time.

The commercial is part of a larger campaign, as Burger King promoted a #EatLikeAndy Mystery Box Deal, which was available through DoorDash, a delivery service.

Andy Warhol passed away in 1987, so why is Burger King using old footage of him eating a burger for an expensive spot during the Super Bowl?

Supposedly, the goal is to show the world that the richest consumers eat the same as the poorest. Burger King wants viewers to know that Whoppers are for everyone, including Warhol.

The commercial was filmed back in 1982 for a film called 66 Scenes from America, which had nothing to do with a Burger King commercial but was instead a look at viugnettes of American life.

Burger King had to gain approval to use the clip for the commercial from the Andy Warhol Foundation.

The clip was also meant to show a vintage America — something that caused confusion with some younger viewers. Burger King wanted this Super Bowl commercial to show a silent, yet powerful work of art.

While the fast food chain may not have won everyone over with the commercial, it sure got people talking.

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