Andy Dick: Who is the comedian who stroked Ivanka Trump’s thigh on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

Andy Dick standing against a brick wall in a photo from Instagram
Andy Dick is controversial if nothing else — Pic credit: @andydick/Instagram

Andy Dick is known for being over the top, possibly too far over the top for many. The controversial comedian has long been pushing the boundaries of decency and most recently, was called out for a shocking clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he can be seen stroking Ivanka Trump’s leg.

Keep in mind that Andy Dick’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! isn’t recent. The footage is actually from 2007. During the clip, Andy rubs Ivanka’s legs while she laughingly swats him off. Later, Andy was reportedly ushered off set by security.

Andy actually brought the video footage up himself when he took to Instagram and posted a screenshot of it last year. The encounter with Ivanka made headlines again recently after Andy was arrested for sexual battery.

With the #metoo movement in full swing, many have asked how Andy Dick made it this far without hearing his name called. At the beginning of July, that’s exactly what happened — his name was called.

Known for being over sexual and just really extra in many ways, Andy has made an entire career out of his inappropriateness. According to his accuser, that same inappropriateness spilled over into real life and now he’s headed to court.

According to Variety, Andy Dick was charged with one count each of simple battery and sexual battery connected to an April 5 incident. Andy is accused of making inappropriate comments and also touching a woman while he walked by her on a sidewalk in Southern California.

The woman in question went to authorities and filed a police report about the incident. Now, Andy is due in court on July 8 about the incident.

This isn’t the first time that Andy Dick has been accused of inappropriate behavior either. Last year he was fired while filming the indie movie Raising Buchanan after he was accused of sexual harassment on set.

So while the footage of Andy Dick groping Ivanka Trump on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! set is shocking to see, it’s really nothing new for the comedian.

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