Ancient Aliens: Were humans made by aliens in a lab with different prototypes?

A Flores Man “hobbit” skull, left, and a normal human skull, right, on Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens on History tonight investigates the theory that humans were made by aliens in a lab — after being tested against different prototypes.

A preview clip takes us to the island of Flores in Indonesia where archaeologists uncovered tiny human-like remains, measuring just 3.5ft tall.

The “hobbit” skeletons — dubbed Flores Man or Homo floresiensis — were first found back in 2003, but what is the real story behind them?

Ancient Aliens questions how the 18,000-year-old remains came to be, and asks the question: were they another prototype human that didn’t quite make the cut?

Were they made alongside us in an extraterrestrial laboratory then put through rigorous testing to see which specimen worked best?

Are we basically the most successful outcome of an alien experiment?

What makes Flores Man so intriguing is not just the fact that they had tiny bodies, but that they had what experts have described as tools “consistent with modern humans”.

And how did they get to the island, with no remains found anywhere else?

New Ancient Aliens episodes screen Fridays at 9/8c on History.

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