Ancient Aliens: Is China hiding UFOs and a city in the sky?

What looks like skyscrapers in the sky
Footage of what looks like skyscrapers in the sky on Ancient Aliens. Pic credit: History

On Ancient Aliens on the History channel tonight — is China hiding something that it doesn’t want the rest of the world to know?

A huge number of sightings of UFOs have taken place in the country in recent years, with numbers rising all the time.

And one of the most fascinating reports has been of a “city in the sky” — with towering skyscrapers looming out from above the skies.

In tonight’s new episode (Ancient Aliens S11 E9), experts look at the evidence and ask the big question we all want to know — is the Chinese government aware of something that they’re not letting on?

Are they covering something up and suppressing the truth?

The reports of skyscrapers in the sky did not just come from a single sighting — with several reports of people seeing the city above the clouds.

And thousands of people in the country have taken to social media with photos of UFOs.

In some cases, it’s known the military was contacted. But do the authorities know more than they’re willing to reveal.

Watch Ancient Aliens on History tonight to find out.

New episodes of Ancient Aliens air Fridays at 9/8c on History.

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