Ana Navarro threatens to spank her friend for ‘stealing’

Ana Navarro on The View
Ana Navarro is upset with her friend. Pic credit: ABC

Ana Navarro of The View is having a glamorous week. She has flooded her Instagram with pictures of her in sparkling outfits, showcasing her figure.

Ana has admitted that she has struggled with her weight her entire life. The Daily Mail reported that, as of late, Ana confirmed she had lost 4-5 pounds a month.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, her latest postings have fans questioning if her weight loss is due to a new fad, the diabetes-turned-off-label weight loss drug Ozempic.

Ana posted photos on her Instagram of herself in sequined pants in front of a Christmas tree at the White House.

This caused fans to question how she lost so much weight. She even posted on her photo that she was “worried her thighs would rub,” causing her to leave a trail of sequins.

Ana went to the White House Christmas party with her friend, Lee Schrager. While there, she got upset with him.

Ana is upset with her friend Lee for bringing these home

Ana shared with Brian Teta on his podcast, The View: Behind the Table, that her friend Lee is fond of stealing White House napkins. She said he stole so many last year he looked like the “Michelin Man.”

This year, Lee rubbed it in on his Instagram. He was sitting at a table counting the stolen goods. He said that he took home 30 napkins this year. He said, “The Devil made me do it. What says holiday season more than stolen cocktail napkins from the White House.”

He explained that they were the perfect holiday gift for his friends and made it clear not to tell Ana, even though he tagged her in the post.

Ana shared the video on her Instagram and captioned it, “I’m gonna spank him.”

Lee may need to watch himself because Ana may not invite him as her date to the White House party next year.

Fans of The View react to Whoopi Goldberg inviting Julia Roberts to the Superbowl

As evidenced by the ladies of The View being invited to the White House Christmas party, they get invited to many different functions.

Recently, Julia Roberts stopped by to tout her new movie, Leave the World Behind. During that segment, Whoopi invited her to the Superbowl with her.

Fans loved the idea of Julia Roberts going to the Superbowl with Whoopi.

One fan, @fatgirl1313, said, “And they are going to the Super Bowl @whoopigoldberg @juliaroberts.”

Fan of The View on Instagram
A fan of The View on Instagram. Pic credit: @fatgirl1313/Instagram

Another @32944grams said that going to the Superbowl will be an “amazing experience for you!”

A fan of The View on Instagram
A fan of The View on Instagram. Pic credit: @32944grams/Instagram

Fans of The View cannot wait to see where the ladies will be invited next.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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