Ana Navarro invites Jada Pinkett Smith on The View to defend herself

Ana Navarro on The View.
Ana Navarro invited Jada Pinkett Smith to The View. Pic credit: ABC

Despite having a contentious relationship with her executive producer, Brian Teta, Ana Navarro dropped by his podcast, The View: Behind the Table, again.

Ana typically calls Brian names such as “useless.” and “cheap” and has felt she is being manipulated by the producers, as previously reported by Monsters and Critics.

This time was no different, either. She was upset with Brian again because she felt she was censored more stringently than Whoopi Goldberg.

Ana has had her words bleeped out or censored often on The View. She was home during a torrential rains storm when she had The View on and heard Whoopi get away with using the Spanish word for balls, something Ana had tried to say repeatedly.

It was quickly fixed for the West Coast and subsequent airings, but it did not stop Ana from giving Brian a piece of her mind.

Then, the subject of the podcast turned to Ana and her “feud” with Jada Pinkett Smith.

Ana thinks Jada should come to The View to sell more books

Brian mentioned that Ana unintentionally got into a “thing” with Jada. Ana has had harsh words for Jada and the press she has gained over promoting her new book, Worthy.

Ana, not surprisingly, blamed Brian as the cause of the feud because he made her talk about pop culture on the show. She has said of Jada, “I don’t wanna give them another dime for her emasculating and embarrassing him to everybody in the world.”

Ana said, “I hate having to talk about these issues. I don’t care about anybody’s lives other than mine.” Brian reminded Ana, “It is in the job description.” The View talks about everything from politics to gossip about celebrities.

Jada went on The Breakfast Club Power 105.1FM podcast featuring DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God and mentioned that Ana should read her book rather than look at the headlines and said it was “clickbait.’

Ana acknowledged that Jada is “absolutely right” that she did not read Worthy before commenting on Jada and Will’s marriage.

Brian said of Jada, “In a perfect world, she should come on the show, talk about it, and we find out more.” He also said you must be careful of “clickbait headlines.”

Ana could not agree more with Brian and challenged Jada, “Ok, Jada, you can come on the show. You can sell more books!”

Ana took a job far away from The View for the holiday

Ana also told Brian she would be away from the country for Thanksgiving.

Saying that was “hard to do,” she is going to Panama since she is friends with the US ambassador of Panama, Mari Carmen Aponte.

She explained to Brian that the ambassador has invited her to speak to the embassy staff, but unless it is during a holiday break, it is something she just cannot do given the time.

Ana posted her travel pictures on Instagram to let her fans know what was happening with her this busy weekend. She took her dog, Cha-Cha, with her when she went to Panama.

Brian mentioned Ana being a ‘powerful Latina” during the podcast but was excited that she brought her “powerful pup,” as he called Cha-Cha. Brian enjoys it when Ana brings the dog along.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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