Ana Navarro explains how she got that large scar on her knee

Ana Navarro on The View
Ana Navarro on The View. Pic credit: ABC

The View co-host Ana Navarro is always the party girl. She lives in Florida and frequently hosts parties and goes to concerts with her friends.

Sometimes, things get so lively that the police are called. This happened recently, too.

Ana had invited Carlos Vives, the famous musician, to her home, and things got a little out of hand.

Ana posted on Instagram that the police were called over noise complaints and was thankful she did not get arrested.

If she had gotten arrested, none of her co-hosts from The View would have been on hand to bond her out. She did not have any of them at her party. But her good friend, Eva Longoria, was in attendance.

This holiday weekend, Ana shared on Instagram that she was in Panama. She spoke at the American embassy at the behest of her friend, Mari Carmen Aponte.

Ana suggests that alcohol had something to do with her scar

Ana posted a video on her Instagram and told her followers, “Good morning, you all!” During the video, fans looked up close at Ana’s scar on her knee. It is large and very obvious from the angle of the video.

Fans started commenting on her post with concerns over the scar almost immediately.

Ana Navarro fan on Instagram.
Ana Navarro fan on Instagram. Pic credit: @ml_sage/@ananavarrofl/Instagram

An eagle-eyed fan commented in part, “Now tell us the story of what gave you that knee scar? Lol. I have one for my knee! It involves tequila my hubby says…”

And then another fan, @robert5254johnson, asked, “Ana what happened to her knee.”

Fan of Ana Navarro on Instagram
Fan of Ana Navarro on Instagram. Pic credit: @robert5254johnson/Instagram

Ana was kind enough to respond to her fans. She posted a reply to @ml_sage, “There’s a bunch of gnarly exposed roots of 100-year-old trees in front my house. I was wearing high wedge heels. Tripped and scraped the hell out of that knee on the roots. I was nasty. And yes, I don’t remember. But if I had to guess, I’d say tequila was surely involved.”

Ana had actor Josh Gad questioning her authenticity during a recent segment

On The View recently, actor Josh Gad was there to promote his return to Broadway in Gutenberg the Musical, the second season of his television series, Wolf Like Me, and returning in another Frozen movie.

Ana was inattentive during the segment and had to read questions from a cue card. Josh caught on and called her out on it, saying that he doubted her authenticity.

The entire clip can be seen on The View’s Instagram account.

Despite being snubbed by Ana, Josh Gad was a lovely guest, complimented the ladies, and called his seat “the best view in town.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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