Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi confront vengeful spirit in El Cajon on The Dead Files

Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi
Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi are headed to California on The Dead Files

This week The Dead Files are bound for El Cajon, California where medium Amy Allan and former homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi have been called into investigate a paranormal force that is casuing problems for a young family.

El Cajon means ‘the box’ and refers to the way the city is boxed in my the mountains and was settled by the Spanish in the late 18th century. The current city has just under 100,000 inhabitants and would appear on the surface to be an average little place with a pleasant climate.

However, for one couple their attempts at getting on with life are being thwarted bysome unwelcome attention for what they think might be a paranormal entity. The activity from this unknown force is affecting both the couple and their kids, but they are unsure of the source.

The Dead Files visits El Cajon, seen here in black and white
Downtown El Cajon, The Dead Files duo are hoping they can help a local family

Steve’s investigation leads him to uncover some creepy information about a serial killer who used to have connections with the area and Amy’s work leads her into a confrontation with what she thinks is a spirit seeking out revenge.

Whether the spirit is related to the serial killer remains to to be seen…

The Dead Files airs on Saturdays at 10:00 PM on Travel.

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