Amina gives birth to her baby and Peter wants another chance with Tara on Love & Hip Hop

Peter Gunz with the new baby he had with Amina
Tara and Peter with their baby boy on Love & Hip Hop

This week on Love & Hip Hop, Amina Buddafly gives birth to her baby and will Tara Wallace give Peter another chance?

Amina finally gives birth to her baby, which is Peter’s tenth! Back when baby Bronx was born Peter was posting on social media but it seems his interest in Amina was short-lived.

Peter Gunz with the new baby he had with Amina
Peter Gunz with the new baby he had with Amina

On this week’s episode, Peter is now busy chatting to Tara about her book on self-help and positive thoughts. It looks like he wants to get back into her good books, but whether she is likely to respond remains to be seen. She certainly seems to think he needs some help!

Tara says the greatest thing Peter has ever given her is their baby boy, but she has been moving on with her life and part of that was writing The Goddess Potential.

Tara is not ready to get back on the rollercoaster ride of lies and upset with Peter

Peter says he really digs the book and he’s very proud of her and he says he loves her.

Tara gets angry and upset, asking who he is to humiliate her and bring all these feelings back. She says that there is zero trust and that Peter is still in a bad place.

Also on this week’s episode, Tommy sends Cardi B a letter and Papoose gets a surprise present from Remy Ma.

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