America’s Got Talent recap: Telekinesis, Simon Cowell buys 13-year-old Jeffrey Li a dog, and Amanda Mena thrills

Jeffrey Li and Amanda Mena on America's Got Talent
Jeffrey Li singing and Amanda Mena getting the golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent

This America’s Got Talent recap covers Season 13, Episode 4, which aired on June 19. It was the fourth episode covering the auditions for the summer 2018 season.

It was another big week on America’s Got Talent this week — and plenty of acts made names for themselves as fan-favorites by the time the end credits rolled.

Three acts had received the golden buzzer before this week’s episode took place. By the end of the night, a fourth person would join the list that already includes singer Michael Ketterer, dance group Zurcaroh, and 13-year-old singer Courtney Hadwin.

Michael received his golden buzzer from Simon, Zurcaroh got theirs during the season premiere from host Tyra Banks,  and Courtney was rewarded by Howie.

Here are the acts from the latest America’s Got Talent, along with videos of their performances and how they did:

Voices of Hope Children’s Choir

A group of 70 kids took the stage to open the show. As shown below, they performed one of the hit songs from The Greatest Showman.

The audience really enjoyed the performance and the judges all weighed in with positive comments. Heidi Klum noted that the solo vocals were “spectacular,” while Mel B said that she enjoyed it, but felt they would need to up their game next time.

Howie Mandel ended up casting a no vote, as he didn’t feel they would succeed on this show. The choir advanced with three votes.

Quin and Misha

On stage next was 71-year-old Quin and her dance partner Misha, following a montage of couples that had been preparing to perform. Misha, who looked incredible for her age, earned a standing ovation from the judges after her high-energy performance.

They were all suitably impressed were with how well she danced despite being in her early 70s. In the end, the four judges voted unanimously to send her on to the next round.

Lioz Shem Tov

Lioz Shem Tov, who claimed to be able to perform telekinesis, took the stage after the dancers. After explaining what the word meant to some of the judges (being able to move things using your mind), he began the act.

Despite getting buzzed by Heidi and Mel B, there was still a lot of laughter from the judges’ table over the comedic performance. Mel called it “hilarious” while voting to support him.

Howie voted yes as well, but Heidi voted no to put the pressure on Simon Cowell. He called it stupid, but funny, and then voted Lioz Shem Tov through to the next round.

Jeffrey Li

Up next was thirteen-year-old Jeffrey Li, who took the stage to perform You Raise Me Up. After some introduction questions and a video showing how badly he wanted a dog, Simon promised that if he sang well, that he would buy him one.

The audience and judges absolutely loved the performance. As promised, Simon told Jeffrey that he was going to buy him that furry friend. Also as expected, the judges unanimously voted to send Jeffrey Li to the next round.

Montage time

A number of acts, including magicians, animal tricks, and acrobats were shown moving on to the next round, though not much time was spent on getting to know them or what their names were during the episode. It will present a number of surprises when the acts possibly appear again later on down the road.

UDI Dance

Illumination dance group UDI Dance took the stage next and presented a classic good vs evil act — but with a twist, as showcased in the video below.

Mel B, Heidi, and Howie gave the group a standing ovation. Simon then noted that he had seen them perform on Britain’s Got Talent before, giving them a lot of praise. The four judges voted unanimously to pass UDI Dance through to the next round.

Another montage

Wrapping up the first hour of Episode 4 was another montage. Tandem ventriloquists and some singers faced some tough judging. It all opened the door for Daniel Emmet to take over the stage.

Daniel Emmet

The stage was then taken over by Daniel Emmet, who brought his opera singing to the audience. While he received a standing ovation from the crowd, Simon interrupted him and asked him to perform a second song.

The second time around, he received a standing ovation by everyone in the house. Simon was extremely impressed by how he did and said that he “really, really” liked him. The other judges also loved his performance, leading to a unanimous vote to keep him around.


The next act was a man going by the name Wes-P and words can’t really explain his act better than the video of his performance can.

The judges didn’t enjoy it very much, but did let him finish the odd act. This will serve as his only performance this year, as Wes-P was sent him.

Duo Transcend

Due Transcend, married performers from Salt Lake City, took the stage next. As advertised, a stunning trapeze performance was about to take place for the audience and judges.

The performance is definitely one that viewers are going to remember and the audience gave them an extended standing ovation when it was over.

Simon said that he felt people would relate to them and vote for them. He also predicted that they were good enough to make it to the finals this season.

Mel B wasn’t as impressed as the other judges. She ended up voting no, but with the support of the rest of them, Duo Transcend is on to the next round.

Annaliese Nock

Annaliese Nock, a 21-year-old daredevil and daughter of a former performer on the show, took the stage toward the end of the episode. It might have been the most dangerous performance of the night, and was called The Exploding Coffin.

After getting blown up by six sticks of dynamite, Annaliese Nock had to step in front of the judges. They were glad she was alive and all four of them wanted to see what she might do next so sent her through to the next round.

Amanda Mena

Last but definitely not least, the final contestant of the night was 15-year-old Amanda Mena, who performed Natural Woman. This was one you wouldn’t want to miss.

The audience and judges loved the heartfelt performance from Amanda and told her so after she was done with her singing. Mel B loved it so much that she pressed the golden buzzer, ending the show on another high note.

The next episode of America’s Got Talent will air on June 26. Heidi Klum is the only judge who hasn’t used her golden buzzer during the auditions — will next week be the week?

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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